Our Guiding Principles

What is the CHIRON Group about? What sets us apart, guides our practices? What is the basis for our current and future success? The answer is something that we »live« every day: our corporate culture. It characterizes our cooperation, determines the relationships we have with our customers and partners, and subsequently the quality of our products and services.

And yet, it makes sense to give this corporate culture a binding framework, to define the basic points of our long-term strategy and practices. Our mission statement, our values and leadership principles form the »code of conduct operating in the background«, on which we are all focused and against which we are measured – across all brands and locations worldwide.

The paramount guiding theme is the interplay of four words: competent, smart, innovative, sustainable. This is what we are about, what sets us apart, describes how we are and want to be in future. Our guidelines document this ambition, help us to align our practices accordingly and enable our everyday work to deliver on the promise that we make to our customers: PERFORMANCE MEETS PRECISION.

Our Mission Statement

Competence is our key to success. We set ourselves ambitious targets and engage in continuing self-development, within the framework of the open and dynamic corporate culture of the CHIRON Group. In this way, we consolidate our individual competences into added value for our customers: whether machining centers, manufacturing solutions, services or digital solutions.

Smart thinking makes all the difference. It’s not just about what we do, but how we do it. Structured working in lean processes, digital and in-person networking, unlimited thinking: this is why we are faster and better at finding intelligent, future-proof and clever solutions.

Innovation is what drives us. We aspire to be a driving force and technological leader, to strengthen and expand our market position and to stand out from the competition. This is where our ability to innovate comes in, helping us to develop new products and services that spring from our steadily growing technological competence.

Sustainability characterizes our practices. Trust forms the basis for relationships with our customers across the world and we provide them with ongoing support which is competent and comprehensive. We are aware of our responsibility and so we develop highly efficient solutions and thereby conserve resources. The loyalty of our owners ensures our sustainable and profitable growth.

Our mission statement forms the standard by which we are measured.

Our Values

Our dealings are honest and reliable, which gives us credibility. We are fair and appreciative in our communication and actions, demonstrating trust in our interlocutors.

Responsibility and Reliability
We are thorough and reliable in our work, learning from our mistakes, to keep the good of the CHIRON Group in mind. We see change as an opportunity.

Openness and Respect
We advocate for our convictions openly and respect different points of view. Diversity and tolerance characterize our corporate culture.

We strive for top performance and commit to achieving our ambitious targets. We are continuously improving our performance for the benefit of our customers.

Our values guide our practices, at all times and everywhere.

Our Leadership Principles

We provide guidance.
We ensure that all employees understand our company strategy and the plans derived from it. Each employee can follow how their work contributes to all of us achieving the overarching targets together. Target agreements provide orientation, in order that we can make responsible decisions and take responsible action.

We empower independent action.
We ensure that all employees recognize and achieve their personal contribution to the company’s success. We clearly define individual tasks and provide the necessary resources. We encourage our employees to make independent decisions within the framework of their area of responsibility and to contribute their ideas and constructive suggestions for solutions.

We take responsibility.
We keep our responsibility to our employees and environment in mind. We are responsible in our actions, continuously ensuring a positive impact on the CHIRON Group as a whole.

We demand performance and honor it.
Our customers recognize us as being the best in the industry. We can only keep our leading position if all people involved put in their best effort. This is why we make tasks and responsibilities clear, set challenging targets and provide constructive and motivating feedback. We systematically promote our high performers.

We actively provide and expect feedback.
We provide a trust-based and open working atmosphere. We provide our employees with timely and systematic feedback on their results and qualification and likewise require active constructive feedback on our leadership style. We see both as an opportunity to learn from each other and constantly improve ourselves.

We foster the potential of our employees.
Our employees are the most important factor for the sustainable positive development of the CHIRON Group. We identify their particular strengths and develop them further in a targeted manner. We work on individual development perspectives, create concrete steps for development and carry out targeted qualification measures.

We create a positive climate that is open to change.
In order to maintain and expand our top position, we pick up early on the relevant trends and developments. We develop future-proof solutions and products. To achieve this, we initiate and encourage innovation and continuous improvement. We systematically review our working methods and our level of qualification. We expect readiness to change and we take new paths together in order to achieve our goals.

Seven principles: our basis for effective, motivational leadership.