Tool Manufacturing

Prototypes, single-piece production of special tools, large-scale production of standard tools. Expect a quick changeover, complete machining: The CHIRON Group offers flexible process solutions for the machining of tools and format parts, enabling you to turn your innovative edge into outstanding quality.

The right tools

Machining centers from the CHIRON Group give you the right tools to confidently navigate the challenging field of costs, quantities, deadlines, and quality with confidence. All machines reduce machining times, compress your manufacturing process into the smallest of spaces, conserve resources, and manufacture ready-to-use tools at low costs per unit.

For peak performance

The right machines for your products? For example, the 715 Series provides highly productive milling and turning from the bar, the MILL Series adds large and variable working areas for long workpieces. The »five axis« machines operate using simultaneous 5-axis and complete machining with minimum tolerances and highest-quality surface finish. Or, for dynamic and precise manufacturing of small parts, utilize the Micro5.

Example applications

Product finder

Find what you need immediately rather than wasting time searching: the right machine for the task at hand. Brand, industry, technology, workpiece dimensions: With just a few details, the product finder will make the ideal selection for direct comparison and as a basis for a detailed consultation.